The University Sports Academic Federation is a sport federation which focuses on sport as a tool in training and education. Born of a movement of various academies of the country in order to stimulate, encourage and organize sport within Higher Education. Founded on March 2, 1990, is endowed with Sports Public Utility since the year 1995, having grown over the years, both in terms of organized activities, both in terms of number of participants and is considered today as one of the largest sports federations in our country.


Being a multisport Federation, with the mission of organizing the university sport in all its dimensions - sporting, educational and social - aims through various activities to foster competition, conviviality and exchange students from various higher education institutions within and outside Portugal. It also intends to encourage the competitive spirit, team and fair play, leading a healthy lifestyle in the academic community. It has increasingly sought to widen its offer by promoting projects and organizational activities in the field of recreational and informal sport.