Meet the Milenkovic sisters, the Swiss athletes that play together

Marjana (29), Kristina (26) and Dyana (23) have Serbian parents but were born and live in Switzerland.

Although they haven’t been always playing together, all three sisters played Basketball since their childhood. Besides university sports, where they play for the University of Zurich, they have also played at professional clubs and for the national team.

These athletic sisters are also polyglot, speaking Serbian, English, Spanish, French and a little of German and Italian. In Portuguese, they almost only know how to say “Obrigado”, which means “thank you”.

Marjana, Kristina, and Dyana also love Portugal, where they have already been last year playing at the Coimbra’s Basketball European University Games. “The people are nice and the food really good, specially the coffee and the beer.”, they said.

To finish, the Milenkovic sisters pointed out their family support, because “it’s very hard to play and study at the same time, but we love the game, so we just can’t stop”.